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Is Science important? The answer lies right in front of our eyes. Think about a world without technology. No computers, no cars. No vaccines or cures for diseases. Life would be joyless and extremely hard. It was not long ago that this was the case. How ever, now with science on our side it's a whole new story. 

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The technology driving mobile phone screen technology

Mobile phone screen technology can be extremely confusing when you consider that there are many different terms such as AMOLED, Super AMOLED, Retina Display, OLED and Nova being thrown about with little information to describe them.

All the different names tend to refer to technologies developed by a certain brands. This article will cover some of the latest screen technologies pushing mobile phone screen technology to the limit.


If you often find yourself viewing images and video, you will definitely be blown away by Samsung’s AMOLED Plus screens, which offer unparalleled colours and sharpness. AMOLED Plus is considerably more powerful than other AMOLED screens such as SUPER AMOLED. This is because AMOLED Plus has 50% more subpixels, which are responsible for giving better colour representation and sharpness. These screens are found on the latest Galaxy models, so be sure to look at Samsung Galaxy S3 deals if you want to see what all the fuss is about.


Why I Would Prefer Men Prada Shoes?

Being one of the legendaries of Italian footwear industry, Prada mens shoes are undoubtedly flashing our eyes with their quality and fashion leading design. Like me, if you are one of these saying 'I am different and I like wearing nifty things' then there is no further to say. There is no much to say as the brand Prada shoes really deserves every single word we speak here.


Nokia N97 with built-in keyboard


Nokia have announced the N97 with a 3.5" display combined with a QWERTY keyboard. Built on the S60 5th Edition platform and Symbian operating system, the TFT colour display offers an ultra resistant touch screen with 640 x 360 pixels resolution.

The large touchscreen display makes web browsing a very easy task to use whenever you need to. The keyboard is an essential combination with the web browsing and makes the whole experience very laptop like. The Nokia N97's widescreen display is great for watching videos and an added bonus is you can use the TV output to view everything on your home television directly from your mobile phone.


Can The Invisible Man See?


In the novel "The Invisible Man", H.G.Wells demonstrated with wit and logic that an invisible man acquires an almost unlimited amount of power. . He is able to enter any place unnoticed and steal anything with impunity. Elusive, thanks to invisibility; he successfully fights a whole crowd of armed people. Threatening to smite all those who are visible, the invisible man subjugated the population an entire town.


Panasonic Lauches World’s Lightest LCD Projector - PT-P1SD

panasonic-lcd-projector.jpgPanasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. has announced launch of PT-P1SD LCD projector in India. Panasonic claims that the PT-P1SD is the world’s lightest and smallest LCD projector with built-in SD RAM card slot for standalone slide shows and presentations without the need of being connected to a PC. 
The new Panasonic LCD projector, PT-P1SD, provides a new way to present digital still images or moving pictures taken with a digital still camera or camera mobile phone using the SD memory cards for storage.

U.S. Zookeepers Wary of Herpes Virus Attacking Asian Elephants

Zookeepers here feared the worst when they noticed that Jade, a 2-year-old elephant calf, was acting sluggish this month.

The calf was limping slightly, her appetite was down, and the keepers, wary of a deadly herpes virus prevalent in the country’s Asian elephant population, sent a blood sample to a laboratory for analysis.


“That’s pretty much the first thing we do when we see something amiss with our Asian elephant calves,” said Martha Fischer, curator of mammals at the St. Louis Zoo. “It’s such a mysterious disease, and it has presented itself in so many different ways — anything could be a symptom.”


Ancient Egyptian Culture

Ancient Egyptian civilization is considered as one of the oldest civilization in the history of mankind. Ancient Egyptian culture is known for their pyramids which are still considered as the wonders in 21st century. Scientist and Architects of the modern world are not able to answer the simple question: " How did they build it?"


The treasure discovered with jewels from the pyramids and other monuments put more light on the ancient Egyptian culture. The greatness of this civilization is that it has three thousand years of continuous history.

Meditation vs. Medication

meditation.jpg  For years, meditation has been touted as the "new" medication. By calming your spirit, bringing yourself into focus and into a state of quiet then all will be right with your self. But is that true? And if it were true across the board, would people who have different types of problems be inclined to seek help through meditation rather than medication? After all, a pill is a lot easier to swallow than sitting in silence for 20 minutes.


Pluto's Moon Charon

070717_charon_vmed_3p.hmedium.jpg  In 1930, when a former farm boy - Clyde Tombaugh discovered the ninth planet, which he named Pluto after the Roman god of the Underworld. The first two letters of the name also served to posthumously honor his patron, astronomer Percival Lowell. According to an article published in the 7 January 2000 issue of Science magazine, researchers from the California Institute of Technology and the University of Nevada-Reno claim to have discovered crystalline water and ammonia ice on the surface of Pluto's moon Charon. Prior to this data collected by Voyager surveys have revealed that this ice is a part of similar sized moons in the outer solar system. Until the 1970's the world did not even know of Charon. Pluto has a diameter of 1,413 miles while Charon's is 728 miles. As far as relative planet-to-satellite size ratios go, the Pluto-Charon system stands out as the largest body compared to parent planet in the Solar System. The Earth and its moon however come close.


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